nlightenwarrior: A Faithful Hotwife? I hear…


A Faithful Hotwife?

I hear it asked, how can you be married, be a hotwife, and call yourself faithful?
I’m faithful to my husband’s love. I’m faithful to my husband’s wishes, his fantasies, and to the foundation on which our marriage is built on. I have faith in our honesty and our respect for each other. Now try to understand this, could be difficult to follow along.
I am faithful to my sexuality. I’m faithful to my own heart and to the choices I make. I have faith that the path we both walk on is our own and don’t always have to be parallel, they just have to be headed in the same direction. I believe a hotwife lifestyle, in many ways is more faithful than many monogamous marriages because we’re too busy fucking and celebrating our marriage and not worrying about lies, deceit and betrayal.

I am faithful in a way many don’t understand but that’s okay…because it is all about me and my husband and who we share with…our love is the foundation of what we believe in…..our marriage ♡


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