Haha! Glad u liked my video and reblogged it. Great sense of humor and, yes, you can tell -it felt great

Hi ‘Alex’,

I’m more into women, but I love to rim and penetrate my ass with my fingers, loved to fuck my wife in her ass, and immensely enjoyed sucking a few cocks.
Just never thought about putting my cock in my own ass. Didn’t realise I could. Thanks to you I found out I can, with just the right kind of hardness. Too hard and my bulbous head won’t go in. Too soft and it will slip out (did yesterday). It felt really great though the short time it was in! Both my ass and my cock getting stimulated! Thanks!
I’ll keep trying, maybe using a cockring too, hope to be able to pump my cum into my own ass soon! The thought alone makes me hard!

grtz, Fred